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Unlike the many banner exchange services that have fixed and unfair exchange ratio, we have a dynamic one which is recalculated every hour for every member. Exchange ratio at TextLinks Florida.com is based on quality of traffic you send. The more clicks you send, the higher your exchange ratio is. Member, whose click through ratio is highest, gets 100% exchange ratio.

  • Simple coding and no need to have a banner image.
  • Flexible and very generous exchange ratio
  • Allows to integrate links into your site and make them look just like the rest of your page.
  • You can target your link and choose what links to display on your Web site.
  • You can purchase additional credits.

Welcome to an innovative traffic driving program. We take the traffic building features of a banner exchange and the ease of text and put them together. Instead of rotating huge images, we rotate small
textual links!


Sign up for this free service and get the targeted traffic you have been looking for in a matter of hours. By displaying your customized links on your site you will start racking up the credits in no time at all.

Moreover, you can display anywhere up to 5 links at a time within a link box. Every link that you display equals one impression. So if you decide to show 5 links in your link box, you may get from 2 to 5 credits (depends on your exchange ratio) for every unique page view. What banner exchange service lets you earn so many credits on every page view?



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